Berg Aero

About Berg Aero

David Kuenzli is the founder of Berg Aero, a veteran-owned small business based in Montana that provides aerial imagery and consulting services using Made in the USA, Blue UAS Cleared List and cyber-secure drones. David brings over 36 years of aviation experience to his role, having served as a US Air Force aviator and unmanned aircraft (drone) instructor.

During his time in the Air Force, David logged thousands of flight hours in multiple platforms. He has extensive experience in flight operations, drone technology, and aerial data collection, and he is passionate about leveraging this knowledge to provide his clients with the best possible service.

After retiring from the Air Force, David founded Berg Aero with a mission to bring his expertise to the government and private sectors. He is committed to using the latest technology and techniques to deliver unparalleled accuracy, safety, and speed to his clients. He takes pride in his company's ability to meet the unique needs of every customer, and he works tirelessly to ensure that Berg Aero remains at the forefront of the industry.